Blue Monday

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Blue Monday

Today is supposedly the most depressing Monday of the year. I hope this wasn’t the case for you and if it was I hope you have been able to turn things around. Although I’m not feeling depressed I must say I noticed some turmoil and turbulence within myself. My creative bubble of the past few months has resulted in five new tracks and I have found myself being in a new creative bubble working on five other tracks. I just met some new awesome producers and had to work with them. But in the meanwhile I have to figure out how and when I’m gonna release some of my tracks. What will be my first release, what will be my strategy.

Last Saturday I visited the Noorderslag Conference which is the most important pop music gathering in Holland. Listened to and met some upcoming artists. One of them was ri.mon. She talked about her creative process, her view on being an independent artist. And her conscious choice to be and for now stay an independent artist. I met her to be pure and authentic. Her inner circle, a close team of friends that serves her and each other is heart warming and truly inspiring.

So where does the turmoil come from? Perhaps from the comparison to other independent artists who obviously know what they’re doing while I’m still in the process of overthinking, figuring out the whens, the whats, the hows. So if you got any good advice or tips on this subject please feel free in sharing with me. Sharing is caring right? ;)

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