The Escape


The Escape

I visited the Cool Japan exhibition yesterday @Tropenmuseum Amsterdam. What intrigued me most was the work of artist Sebastian Masuda. He created a world of immense cuteness. A materialization of the kawaii world that he dreamt of as a youngster.

Kawaii refers to humans and non humans that are shy, charming, vulnerable and childlike. The penchant for cuteness often comes from a desire to escape to a happier world. The desire to escape from reality. So why am I so intrigued by this? I think it is, because it is the foundation of me being a performer, an artist. As a child I was moved by music, by dance. But I also had a strong desire to escape from reality. To create my own world, to influence the atmosphere. Music was to me the ultimate instrument to do so. Music could made me feel energetic, in control. This I experienced for instance when listening to Michael, Janet, Motown. Music could also make me feel sad and depressed. For some reason that is the effect that reggae music had on me. Luckily enough that changed. I love reggae music! Performing, entertaining others was my way to influence the atmosphere. To make people happy or smile. It was something I enjoyed doing. Sometimes even felt as my responsibility.

When I was a youngster I became aware of the fact that I could not only influence the atmosphere or escape to another world but even create my own world. I discovered that what started with an escape from reality could turn into a creation of a new reality. Your mindset, your energy becomes who you are, how you experience life determines who and what you attract. So now my escape to a happier world turned into living in a happier world:)

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