Ooh that cover!


Ooh that cover!

I was asked to share some of my favourite magazine covers. Magazine covers are so inspiring. The use of colors, the expression of style, life style, art …ooh I just love it! My collage is just a small selection of magazine covers I really dig.

I’ve always been a fan of pop art. The cover of Nicki Minaj by Gail Bichler for New York Times Magazine is all that. The use of bold bright colours, her hair and make up.

In the selection of my favourite magazine covers it showed that I obviously like covers which are humorous and intriguing. As the cover with the aesthetic mutant. Unfortunately I don’t know who shot the picture. If you do please let me know. He/She deserves a credit!

I also selected the cover with Solange cause her sense of style and art is so pure and authentic. Love all her art work and visuals and that also goes for her music.

I like everything about Rihanna on the cover of China’s Harper Bazaar. The combination of colours, her make up which makes her look Asian, her clothing, the graphics (I’m a fan of Asian graphics). You should also have a look at the feature in the magazine. I find it very inspiring.

Of course miss Grace Jones had to be part of my collage. In my total selection of fav covers I had to restrict myself to select only three or four covers with Grace Jones. She is my all time inspiration when it comes to style and appearance. She embodies everything I find inspiring: art, attitude, aesthetics, humour, power, boldness…the list is endless! Haha…

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