X-Mas Songs Top 10


X-mas songs Top 10

Here is part II of my top 10 X-mas songs! The final 5 are:

5. Have Yourself A Little Merry Christmas - Frank Sinatra

Love the melody!

4. The Christmas song - Anthony Hamilton ft Chaka Khan

This soulful performance I also discovered last year when I had to prepare a DJ x-mas set. Have always been a big fan of Chaka Khan and Anthony Hamilton. Their voices blend perfectly.

3. Winter Wonderland - Babyface

Such a smooth cover by Babyface.

2. Silent Night - Mariah Carey

This song is so spiritual. Have loved it ever since I was a little kid. Love the way Mariah ads her flavour to it in a very respectful way.

1. This Christmas- Donnie Hathaway

Oh my, this song, this performance has it all! Uplifting, soulful, the horn section, Donnies voice. BAM! My all time favourite!

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